2017 Southern Eye Institute Ride For Sight

Restoring Sight to the Blind in West Africa

Since 1988, Memphians Dr. Cathy Schanzer and Tom Lewis have been traveling to Africa to help restore sight to the blind.  In 2006, Cathy and Tom opened a free, full-time, medical & surgical eye clinic in “the bush” of Sierra Leone, West Africa.  Their little village is named Serabu and their clinic is named Southern Eye Clinic of Serabu.

In Sierra Leone, like most third world countries, cataracts are the #1 cause of reversible blindness.  Southern Eye Clinic of Serabu is the only eye clinic for a million+ people and has grown into a major destination eye clinic for people from Sierra Leone as well as people from the neighboring six countries.  Typically people walk for weeks to get to Serabu for the chance to regain their sight.  And by God’s grace, many of them do regain their sight after living for so many years in the darkness of their blindness.

Dr. Schanzer performs more cataract surgery in Serabu than all other national eye clinics combined.  The Clinic provides year-round eye care services, including diagnostics, modern eye surgery, glasses, and medicines.  The Clinic also assists local residents with clean water wells, education scholarships, food programs, sports tournaments and other community development activities.

Neither Cathy nor Tom receive any compensation for these efforts and 100% of all donations to Southern Eye Institute, including all net proceeds from the MidSouth Ride For Sight, are used to care for these needy people.  Southern Eye Institute is a 501c3 non-profit organization.

See www.southerneyeinstitute.org for more information.

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